2016 Sherwood Forest 

This being the inaugural Sound On Sound Festival, one would expect it to plan on making a stunning first impression. That was indeed what I experienced. The event was produced by the new booking agency Margin Walker Presents. These folks have experience not only in business, but in the role of music fans. Held at the eye catching Sherwood Forest Faire, 35 miles east of Austin in McDade, Texas. The debut of Sound on Sound Fest included a wide variety of music acts spanning many genres and personal tastes, as well as comedy stand-ups, panel sessions, and on-site camping to touch on the obvious. I wish I could've duplicated myself at least once to be able to catch all of the amazing happenings here. The food, the sights, the sounds, the people - just a perfect combination of what you could lose yourself in indefinitely! I am already looking forward to what next year has to offer, and include a gallery below of some of my favorite moments.

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