INFO is the online collective for all things Dave. In 1990, music fan turned public access producer Dave Prewitt began showcasing hand-held personal live video recordings of live music and bands. While producing these initial series of programs, he began training into bigger and better gear and facilities. Hand-held camcorder footage expanded to muti-camera on location productions at clubs around the music mecca Austin, Texas.


Within the first 5 years of live cable access program, Prewitt and his volunteer crew won several awards from local music bible, The Austin Chronicle, including dethroning "Austin City Limits" from it's heralded yearly award winning position. In 1994 and 1995 his cable show had won Billboard Magazine's best local hard rock music video program.

Small digital cameras were becoming the standard while hauling someone else's gear around in a pickup truck became much less glamourous. Upon accumalating multiple cameras and digital editing gear, he began producing live music video on his own time, as well as exploring the world of still photography.


Austin Texas bands and various music venues continued to extend a open welcome to his productions weekly. This work has given him the ability to work with world wide recognized bands with his experience. His work is catalogued here for your enjoyment. You will find clips from over two decades here, as well as two days ago. Enjoy the world of


Welcome to the world of DaveTV!